Make positive decisions and add future to your life. All your life society has dictated what you should and should not do. ILLNESS IS TOUGH, BUT YOU ARE TOUGHER You are told to work hard, keep your nose to the grindstone, and you will be successful. Don’t make waves and above all don’t waste your time.

Take a good look at your life today. You lost your freedom when you were well, helping yourself and everyone around you, with no time to take care of your personal desires. You made a lot of little decisions through life and this made you committed to allow to move forward day after day. You were faked out, thinking you were superman, invincible, and could do everything. As sickness came, you now see your body limitations and you seem to just exist.

All through life you were afflicted with many wounds: a job loss, a marriage gone sour, kids that didn’t care about you, and now a body that is wearing out. Now you are condemned to a leisure life of quiet being isolated from your long time friends and relatives. All of this makes your physical wounds magnified.

Your new sickness drains your energies. You can’t talk about your problems to others, and are always at their beckoned call. People encourage you, telling you there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sure, but they are not on your train. You all too well know your limits and are trying to prevent a total body collapse.

My friend, you are unique, one of a kind. Never consent to being labeled a cancer patient, a diabetic, a cardiac patient, or an aids patient. You are a human being with an illness.

In the past, you were challenged and limited in many things, and yet you survived. Why? Because you looked at all the reasons for optimism and you simply let go of things beyond your control. Today you must also see you are at war with someone outside of you. Your interior is still unlimited and untouchable by any disease.

Sickness forces you to limit your achievements and projects. Don’t judge yourself by how productive you should be. Exile yourself from your body and its physical limits. See that sickness wants to control your entire life.

Sickness seems to be the CEO of your life. How can you possibly be more than a sick body? Gradually the energies of your body and mind dwindle and you no longer are quite yourself. Doctors and strangers label you a cancer patient, a diabetic, a cardiac patient, or an aids patient. This allows them to better control you. Remind them, you are a human being with an illness and do not wish to be labeled.

You look at your illness as a long labor of decay you hide yourself behind a fake smiling face because you feel vulnerable. No one sees your real beautiful and fragile face.

Others want to condemn you to isolation, to a nursing home or to hospice you feel very alone in a sick body. It is a time to reflect and seek solitude, not be jailed in isolation. Your home and its memories will strengthen you and aid in your healing. Now with more time, your relationship with yourself and your family can be nurtured. Old wounds can be healed with moments of love, prayer, and forgiveness.

You think that modern medicine and your wonderful doctors will save you from this illness as it has in the past. Respect now your limits and also see the limits of medicine and the world around you. You wish things were different, but your body has its limits in healing.

Life is tough, but you are tougher. All the little positive decisions you make today keep you alive, and add a bit of future to your present. Its as if you have a poker hand and must play out the cards.

Eliminate one thing that is ruining your health and you will be healthier. Remember Dr. Needles’ success formula: Success equals failure minus one.

You must make your own decisions. START LIVING! You are not a robot. All your conflicts and commitments certainly challenge your existence. Live the present moment. Keep open the love of yourself, your family, and your love of God, and live life to its true limits.