Oprahs Brazilian healer found the sea of energy acupuncture point (CV17) and is healing thousands.


REN17 (Conception Vessel 17) - Acupuncture Point Information
Chinese Name: Tanzhong (or Shanzhong or Dan Zhong) English Name: Centre of the Chest
Location: In the midline of the sternum, between the nipples level with the 4th intercostal space. Innervation: The anterior cutaneous branch of the fourth intercostal nerve.

The following are excerpts from the Oprah show this month.  Using a powerful acupuncture point  CV 17    Joao a Brazilian healer, shows  the power of activated invisible forces,  (as found in medical acupuncture). A superficial incision is made in the middle of the sternum and she is healed. A Psychologist on the show returned from a visit with the healer, and says he feels totally different now. He too had a superficial incision that bled on video. The power of Conception Vessel acupuncture point is demonstrated.

A video screen in a one-story coral building, was playing a video where a man’s chest was being cut open with a rusty paring knife. His eyes were closed and he looked peaceful as blood ran down his white shirt. (acupuncture point: Conception vessel 17 was entered).
A 62 year old Brazilian healer named John of God, in a small town of Abadiania  Brazil, walks barefoot, on a stage,  dressed totally in white,  his eyes scanning the hall with a laser-like focus.

John of God, a Catholic, is known in town as “Joao”.  He is solidly built, and says other spirits borrow his body. and do the healing.   It is these “Entities”, who work through John of God. They are the spirits of deceased doctors, surgeons, masters, and saints.  They use  his  body to channel their energy to Joao’s patients.  He feels a radiant heat which puts his patients  in a state of  spiritual peace and happiness.  As  his eyes become darker and more intense, his gait stiffens, and Joao  asks any doctors in the room to come forward.  Four medical doctors take the stage and talk  with the healer. The woman on stage, has advanced breast cancer, and as the doctors look on, Joao lifts her left breast and makes a vertical incision.   Blood streams down from her chest and he proceeds to pick up a needle and stitch the wound closed. 

As Dr. Oz reviewed the tapes, he explained his theory:  “These actions stimulate aggressive immune responses and this may be what the healer is doing tapping into a long lost feeling that could be effective in treating other conditions”.On stage, he next scraps a  knife across a woman’s eyeball back and forth and the patient (from Jackson Michigan: says she can see again.Another patient has a Kelly clamp shove up her nostril, It is twisted four times with Joao’s wrist and there is no blood.  She again can breathe. Joao  takes no credit for healing and says: “ I’ve never healed anybody.  It is God who heals.”   He practices  medicine without a license, does not charge for his services, and has treated  the president of Peru as well as many  Brazilian mayors,  He is accepted protected, and regarded as a national treasure.
At 16,  he had a vision of a beautiful woman down by a river who gave him the address of a spiritual center and told him to go there.  He thought the woman was St. Rita of Casa, and the spirit of King Solomon came to him.  He suddenly fainted.and awoke   several hours later,  being told he had healed several people all afternoon. 

Dr. Oz, five years ago, was on “Prime Time Live” segment, that focused on the John of God story.  He examined hours of footage from the healing  tapes, looked at scans and biopsy reports, and he could not explain why an aggressive, very deadly, cancer as a glioblastoma, would disappear.  The radiologist said this was impossible. (We rely on the naked eye for proof of everything. Yet there are countless unseen things that have power–sound waves, microwaves, radio waves, emotions of anger and envy, wind, and the power to love, yet  here people have blind faith, believe without documentation, and are healed).
Edwina  Gaines, tells her story.  A 71-year-old Alabama minister and motivational speaker, she is the author of ”The four spiritual laws of prosperity”,  telling  of her inoperable brain aneurysm (verified by 5 neurosurgeons).  The “Entity healer,Joao,  did his invisible surgery on her in a group meditation setting.  She placed her right hand on her heart, collapsed in exhaustion for 24 hours, and was she should have stitches removed. In eight days    Arriving home, a CT scan revealed her aneurysm was gone. 

 One of the keys to healing is a willingness to change entrenched habits, behaviors, jobs, impossible schedules, and let go of everything that is holding you back. Doing this is a radical almost scary change. The healings are all intended to facilitate an individual’s well-being, were told by the entities to write books, get their pilots license, stop smoking, especially pot. People who smoke pot habit, take about a year to heal. It is important to figure out the reason why you got sick and not just remove some organ. Daily meditation, changing habits improving diets upgrading mindsets all are required. The rest is done, maybe 60% by body healing.

If you were shown an iPhone 100 years ago you wouldn’t believe it. Everything is progressing. We know so little and our senses are limited. If you aren’t open to ministry, you’ll never see it.  Most people who come to Joao’s town in Brazil believe this, and skeptics, even Dr Oz,who see this no longer are the same.  This is also true about medical acupuncture.
Oprah;s magazine Dec.10 should have more on this subject.

CV 17 Vasculature:
The anterior perforating branches of the internal mammary artery and vein.
Conception Vessel 17 (CV17) is
called the “Sea of Energy” and improves energy circulation, blood and oxygen to the upper and lower lobes of the lungs. Being the main center of the respiration, acupuncture treatment here can be of value to the lateral deltoids, anterior serratus for rotation of the shoulder.
CV Functions:
Regulates and suppresses rebellious Qi, expands the chest, benefits the diaphgram, clears the lungs, resolves phlegm in the chest.

Primary CV 17 treatment Indications:
Shortness of breath
Chest pain,
Insufficient lactation.
Difficulty swallowing
Rib pain
Heart Palpitations

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