How healthy is your food?People are cheated and led to believe their food is healthier than it is.
Salt removes excess acidity from body cells, and is essential for survival. The FDA has notified 17 food companies that they have violated federal laws by making false and mislabeling claims on their product packaging. Major brands such as Gerber and Nesltle are included in these companies.
These companies were sent warning letters and were given 15 days to respond with how they intend to correct the labeling. Product seizures might occur if companies fail to take action.

The entire food manufacturing industry is being attacked by the FDA. The letter to the industry needed clear that food labeling must be accurate considering a national battle against obesity and diet Related diseases. The Commissioner demands the food industry improve their nutritional information given to consumers.

Some companies have voluntarily changed their packaging to comply with the law. Others have made misleading and false claims on packaging preventing consumers to make healthy choices.

People are cheated and led to believe their food is healthier than it is. This flock of warning notices to both big and small companies to clean up their labels is a shock to the industry.

In May, the FDA notified General Mills, maker of Cheerios, that the package labels on Cheerios cereals state the cereal can help reduce heart disease and lower cholesterol, a claim that violates federal law.

A 104-year-old olive oil company, Pompeian, received a letter stating their light olive oil is misbranded since its fat content is not 50% less than that of regular olive oil, it cannot be labeled “light Diamond foods received a warning letter that it’s packaged walnuts can treat prevent or cure heart disease, arthritis and cancer. The company is planning on changing its label quickly.

POM Wonderful, a juice company, claims its product can treat, prevent or cure hypertension, diabetes and cancer. The FDA said such claims can only be made by drug companies and it’s juice has not been approved as a drug. The company plans on challenging the FDA’s position.

Nestle Nutrition's Gerber Graduates Puffs. claims that the snack is a good source of iron, zinc and vitamin E. The FDA claims the appropriate dietary levels for children younger than two has not been established, and these claims are not allowed.

Schwan's Consumer Brands, maker of Mrs. Smith's Coconut Custard Pie ,claim they have zero trans fats on the front of their package, but do not disclose, as required by law, that it has significant levels of saturated and total fat.


Newly Obama appointee, Thise FDA Commissioner , Margaret Hamburg, seems to the flexing her muscles. The FDA regulates $1 trillion worth of consumer goods, that is 25% of our economy.

The FDA controls the food you eat, and its safety and integrity are the responsibility of the manufacturer. The FDA only provides a regulatory role. It has taken on more responsibility without having its budget increased. It works with old computers, records stored paper, and is simply overworked.

It looks like Comissioner Hamburg does not want consumer goods to claim health benefits without scientific backing. Good for her! We hope the next step will be controlling drug advertisement claims on television.”.

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