Magnets are not to replace medications. but do reduce the need for medication. The FDA will not allow the claim that magnets are effective for pain relief. All claims as of 1976 must pass expensive testing procedures.

We all are striving to either maintain our health or to get healthy. We eat and exercise properly. When traditional medicine does not work, we seek other alternatives. Magnets can be made, bought or used by anyone for whatever reasons.

There are no patents and you can't make medical claims. There is no big money to do research in this field. We can't endorse, embrace, incorporate, or nurture any new idea or therapy that is unfamiliar.

You always meet resistance when you try to change or disturb something that is established. We fear the unknown unless we are clinically mature professionals. We discover things that were appreciated long ago. If it works don't knock it.

Ask yourself what problem you want to correct. How long have you had this problem? If you choose to use magnets, ask yourself: why you are using magnets?, how long you have used them?, where did you place them?, what pole was touching the skin?, how long did you leave them in?, and, what improvements did you see?

Pain is a warning signal to be respected. Seek professional help if you are not getting better

By using magnets your are exercising your constitutional right to do whatever you determine to be appropriate for your well being.

No claims are made to cure or heal and none to diagnose health conditions. Magnets are not prescribed for your health and are not used to treat for any health related conditions.

Persons with pace makers or are pregnant, should not use magnets.

5 million people have low back pain. 40 million Americans have headaches with ½ of Americans having at least one headache a month. 65 million Americans have arthritis and everyone over 60 has arthritis.

Arthritis results from over 100 different disorders including rh fever, TBC, Lyme disease, Reiter's syndrome, and viral and bacterial disorders.

At present much of it is treated with aspirin, which blocks other medications, and can cause tinnitis, allergic reactions and stomach ulcers.

The use of NAIDS, when mixed with other medications, account for 10% of kidney disorders with some leading to kidney necrosis.

Cortisone use can result in infections, bone demineralization, stomach ulcers and mental imbalances. Magnetic therapy might decrease the need for the above drugs.

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