For the first time viruses are listed as causing cancers. There are now 246 cancer causing agents including for the first time, viruses. Seventeen were recently added. One of two men and one of three women will sometime in our lives get cancer. The following have recently been added to the list.


(HBV) Hepatitis B virus, 1 million affected
Transmitted through sex and IV drug use, causes liver cancer

(HCV) Hepatitis C virus 3 million affected, CAUSE: Illegal drugs

(HPV) Human papilloma virus 20 million affected,
CAUSE: Sexually transmitted

X-ray and gamma-radiation

Causes leukemia, cancers of thyroid, breast, lung, stomach, bladder, ovaries, skin, and central nervous system. Half are caused by low dose medical diagnosis as bone, chest, and dental X-rays, and forty percent by natural sources like radon. Other sources are military weapons testing, nuclear accidents scientific research and nuclear power generation.

NEUTRONS cause damage like X-radiation and gamma radiation and cause the same cancers. Most of our exposure is from cosmic radiation that penetrates our earth.

Naphalene used in moth repellants, and toilet bowl deodorants.
MeIQ, MeIQx and PhlP found in cooked or grilled meat at high temperatures, cigarette smoke. More risk of breast and colorectal cancers in consumption of fried food and broiled food that may contain similar compounds.

LEAD used to make ammunition, cable coverings and storage batteries. Use in glass and ceramics, paint, fuel additives and cosmetics in ceremonial and ethnic events. Lung and stomach cancers seen.

COBALT SULFATE used as coloring agent for ceramic, and in inks and paints. Causes lung and adrenal cancers.

DIAZOAMINOBENZENEE used in dyes, and adhesive to bind rubber to steel. It metabolizes to benzene.

NITROBENZENE used to make industrial chemicals.

AMINO 2-4 DIBROMOANTHRAQUINONE is a vat dye used in textile industry.

4.4 THIODIANILINE used to make dyes, pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals.

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