There are many risky artificial color additives in red,yellow,and blue dyes. Numerous artificial food color additive are implicated in kidney and adrenal cancers.

BLUE 1 (candy, pop and baked goods) small cancer risk

BLUE 2 (pop, candy, pet food) brain tumors in male mice

CITRUS RED 2 (skin of some Florida oranges) only at risk if eat peels

GREEN 3 (candy and pop) rarely used since 1981. Causes bladder cancers.

RED 3 (cherries in fruit cocktail, candy, baked goods) Thyroid tumors in rats. FDA wanted it banned but never happened.

RED 40 (candy, sausage, soda, pastries and gelatin desserts) Widely used, has caused problems in mouse studies.

YELLOW 6 (pop, candy, sausage, baked goods) The third most widely used dye. Implicated in adrenal and kidney cancers.

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