A heavy metal antimony used in flame retardants is a human carcinogen. Antimony is not found normally in the human body. . Antimony is a semi-metallic chemical used as a key ingredient in flame-retardant mixtures in clothes, toys, and airplane and car covers. It is also used as a hardener in lead for storage batteries, and found in some solders, ceramics, and glass. Short-term exposure can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Effects of long-term exposure are unknown, but it is suspected to be a human carcinogen. (EPA)


Years ago, Boca Raton firefighters showed symptoms of heavy metal poisoning linked to a flame retardant in their pants. Antimony, a heavy metal related to arsenic seems to be the cause. After testing 36 city firefighters for heavy metal toxicity, 30 were found to have very elevated levels of antimony in their bodies. All 30 are still seeking solutions to their problems.

Symptoms of these young men included trembling in the fingers, weakened legs, paralysis, a case of rare belly cancer, brain cancer, fluid on the heart, crippling headache, incurable rash, low testosterone levels, large number of miscarriages by their wives, and a handful of thyroid surgeries.

Firefighters nationwide have been wearing the antimony fire pants for over 15 year without problems says Fechhimer Brothers the manufacturer of the “Fire Wear “ pants. Most departments wear plain cotton pants for everyday time.

The flame retardant pant certainly makes the fire fighters safer while fighting fires. The US center for disease control and prevention has been called in to investigate the problem. There seems to be a long-term issue with continuous exposure to antimony. Arsenic a cousin of antimony, takes 20 years for cancer to become evident.

How are the antimony tainted pants washed, where do the pants hang when not worn and are their sleeping quarters also tainted with this heavy metal toxin? Many questions need to be answered?

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