Acupuncture facelift reduce the signs of aging, Acupuncture facelift, (cosmetic acupuncture, rejuvenation acupuncture), isfaIf you want to improve your overall muscle and skin tone, and enhance elasticity of your skin, and see a softer youthful and toned look, and cosmetic surgery seems drastic, facial acupuncture may be your solution.

There’re local benefits that reverse your facial aging, and the root benefits that treat the cause of your facial symptoms, such as: hormonal imbalance, digestive problems, emotional stress.

Facial acupuncture with the use of ultra thin needles,eliminates as wrinkles, reduces bags under the eyes, firms up your chin, eliminate puffiness, lifts your droopy eyelids, and minimizes your double chin. The treatment also moisturizes your skin by increasing blood circulation locally, and removing aging spots from your face. The treatment results in increasing collagen production, increasing muscle tone, shrinking wrinkled skin tightening your pores, brightening your eyes, improving your hormonal balance, clearing acne, and reducing stress. Besides reducing your fine lines, softening deep wrinkles, and reducing sagging facial muscles, you’ll notice a disappearance of aging spots and acne.

Your face will looked younger, healthier, and more radiant without the dangerous side effects of toxic Botox and its cousins. After just one treatment, your skin becomes more delicate, more elastic, your wrinkles level out, you develop a readier complex and your facial muscles are rejuvenated. Fine lines start disappearing and deep lines get smoother, broken capillaries improve, along with acne and rosacea. Acupuncture restores facial vitality and health, making you look and feel younger.

Facelift acupuncture, while not a replacement for cosmetic surgery, is an excellent alternative. It is safe, less costly, virtually painless, and has no risk of disfigurement nor side effects. There is no extended recovery, no swelling nor discoloration. It cannot however reshape your nose or chin, but it will take years off your face and improving your overall health.

How long the improved effects last cannot be predicted, but typically the effect lasts for 1 to 2 years--longer than Botox


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